Type 4: Secrets Revealed


For many years the Type 4 engine has been a well kept secret by many, a mystery to others, and plagued with bad information. Those that knew about the Type 4 and it's awesome potential, kept the knowledge to themselves so that the masses would be in awe over their unusual engine. Since there has been little said about the Type 4 in the popular VW magazines, I will try to offer more information in one place to anyone interested about learning about the Type 4.

The Type 4 engine has long been a favorite with the street crowd in Europe, so many parts listed or shown here for converting to an upright cooling configuration are from European manufacturers. I will try to note where the parts can be sourced from and if there is an American importer, if possible.

I hope that you find the information you are looking for here about the Type 4. If you can't find the answer you've been looking for, please contact me at my social media accounts listed in the "About" page.