Tech Articles

Technical Articles

It has become increasingly obvious that as the Type 4 engine gains popularity in the VW circles, there is a need for vendor neutral Type 4 tech articles. I urge anyone who's interested in installing a Type 4 into their car, or looking to gain more power out of their already Type 4 powered car, to read everyone of these articles. They will provide you with the

These articles are based upon my years of research of books, catalogs, builders/tuners, drivers, direct observation and anywhere else that Type 4 information can be found. They reflect my opinions and points-of-view, but I welcome any counter opinion. I try to approach these articles as sensible and logical as possible, but I'm only human. I don't claim to know everything (that's impossible), but I feel that due to the lack of information around about the Type 4, these articles could be a starting point for the average high performance Volkswagen enthusiast.

Realize that as you read these articles, they are never "done". I will be constantly revising them, as I need to. To assist you, I've included a time stamp when each article was updated. This will help you to know whether that article has been updated since you last visited here.