December 31, 2021

Happy New Year to my fellow Type 4 fans! Hope your 2022 is a great time!

I have some good news to share about projects going here. The first project of 2022 is a fellow Type 4 fan has acquired a magnesium Type 4 crankcase and he's willing to share photographs and his observations about this rare finding. This is an oddity that I've long wanted to document on this web site so people will know what makes them so unique. I think I might be putting the pictures and the text together in a new tech article.

Stay tuned in 2022!

-- VDubGeek

July 25, 2021

So excited to share this news with you! Earlier this month a fellow VW fan like myself, Bill Tsagrinos, and I exchanged a few Facebook Messengers messages. That lead to a great phone call and an invitation for me to join him on his VW podcast!

If you aren't aware, Bill T (as he likes to be referred to) has created and hosts a VW theme podcast called "Let's Talk Dubs". Every week he hosts guests and regulars and discuss this hobby of ours. He's had industry leaders, world renowner builders, small "boutique" parts builders, and even some common enthusiasts. Bill T and I first crossed paths probably twenty years and it was this web site that was the reason.

Last week Bill T and I recorded the podcast and I had a great time. It was so great to talk about the VW/Porsche Type 4 engine, and especially with a focus on its conversion to use in other VWs. I hope that you will give this episode of the podcast a listen, and if you like it, subscribe to it! Bill T is a big Type 4 engine enthusiast, so you never know when he have someone on talking about the Type 4 engine.

Listen to the podcast:


You can also listen to it on Spotify:

-- VDubGeek

June 1, 2021

Today I want to share some history of this web site. By the start of the year 2000, this web site was becoming a valuable resource for the VW/Porsche crowd that wanted to learn more about the Type 4 engine. Apparently the web site's existence had spread across the pond, as I got an email from an UK VW magazine. The email was an inquiry if they could do a feature on this web site. After sending a few email back and forth, I was satisfied that the web site would be properly represented, so I gave them my "Ok".

I was so excited to see the feature when I got my copies (I ordered a few extras...) of the June 2000 issue of the British VW magazine TotalVW. Inside this issue, opening the "Access all Areas" column, was the one full page feature!-- VDubGeek

May 29, 2021

A quick bit of news!! As of today, this web site has its own web domain!! You will now be able to reach this address at this address: type4secrets.com. This is the first time this web site has had its own top level domain. This web site started in 1997 and it was always a part of my personal web site. I am really excited to be revising this web site and taking to places I couldn't have in the past. Stay tuned for more updates! -- VDubGeek

May 22, 2021

Shortly after I was made a moderator on the 4th Dimension Type 4 Porsche/ VW Performance Group Facebook group, Jake Raby shared that he wanted to start sharing resources on the group through the "Files" section of the group. I took the displacement table from this web site, converted it to a Google Docs page, then made a PDF from it. So you can find the displacement chart there now, but I have plans to create some more PDF files to share on the group. I will also offer these resources here! -- VDubGeek

May 4, 2021

Its official, I am now a moderator for the 4th Dimension Type 4 Porsche/ VW Performance Group Facebook group. If you are on Facebook and want to join a group of fellow Type 4 engine enthusiasts, come join us and say hi! -- VDubGeek

April 2, 2021

It is official, I am working on relaunching my web site "Type 4: Secrets Revealed". With the proliferation of social media and the viral distribution of misinformation about the Type 4 engine, it has become apparent that there is still a need for this web site: a central location to access information about the Type 4 engine. I hope that everyone finds the site helpful. -- VDubGeek